Kodi Development  19.0
for Binary and Script based Add-Ons
Definitions, structures and enumerators

Detailed Description

Virtual file Server definition values
All to VFS system functions associated data structures.


 enum OpenFileFlags
 Flags to define way how file becomes opened
The values can be used together, e.g. file.Open("myfile", ADDON_READ_TRUNCATED | ADDON_READ_CHUNKED);
 enum CURLOptiontype
 CURL message types
Used on kodi::vfs::CFile::CURLAddOption().
 enum FilePropertyTypes
 File property types
Mostly to read internet sources.
 class FileStatus
 File information status
Used on kodi::vfs::StatFile() to get detailed information about a file.
 class CacheStatus
 Cache information status
Used on kodi::vfs::CFile::IoControlGetCacheStatus() to get running cache status of proccessed stream.
 class HttpHeader
 HTTP header information
The class used to access HTTP header information and get his information.
 class CDirEntry
 Virtual file server directory entry
This class is used as an entry for files and folders in kodi::vfs::GetDirectory().